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"Life begins when you take your foot off the brake."

                                                                                                                                        - Boston Jonson

Ever wonder what might go through your mind if you were suddenly blown up in a nuclear holocaust? No? Good for you. However, the possibility of being blown up in a nuclear holocaust is swiftly becoming a strong possibility, given that the world is currently being run by a pack of self-serving idiots. Again, however, those idiots inspired me to write this story. It’s about the thoughts and feelings of 100 people, 10 bats and 1 cat at that moment just before and/or during being blown up in a nuclear holocaust. I’ll be posting one episode a day along with a completely gratuitous photo until all 100 people, 10 bats and the cat are blown up. I kind of feel sorry for the bats. Check it out here: 100 People, 10 Bats and 1 Cat Blowing Up.